The Treekeepers
Hi Everybody,

Thank you for reading “The Treekeepers.” Thank you for all the encouraging things you’ve said about “The Treekeepers,” and for the criticism too. One of the best parts about writing a book is having someone read it, and then talk to me about it.

Many of you have wanted to know what happened next to Bird and Stoke, and someday I hope to tell you. But the story I’m working on now is another thing entirely.

“Jararaca and Death Adder” takes place in a crystalline city in the middle of a desert .

It’s about:

But all of that is just the background of the story. At its heart, “Jararaca and Death Adder” is about two sisters helping each other survive an evil time in an evil place.

I hope and think “Jararaca and Death Adder” will be finished soon.

Thanks again for reading and caring,